Nurses / Staff

  • Practice Manager - Jacquie Wilson
  • Practice Nurse - Ruth McCrea
  • Treatment Room Nurse - Linsey McWhirter
  • Reception Staff - Angela Currie, Donna Dowds, Sara Bell, Astrid Estep

Practice Nurse

Nurse Ruth McCrea is available by appointment Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Clinics include: Health Promotion, Asthma, Diabetes, Well woman screening, Coronary Heart Disease and Hypertension.

Practice Pharmacist

Practice based pharmacist please contact for availability.

Treatment Room Nurse

Treatment Room Nurse, Linsey McWhirter is available by appointment Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Treatments include dressings, liquid nitrogen clinic, vaccines, ECG, bloods, etc.

District Nurse

The district nurses provide nursing care for patients who are housebound. This service is usually organised by the practice.

District Midwife

Our midwife provides care and advice during pregnancy and after delivery.

She can be contacted between 9.00am – 10.00am and 4.00pm – 5.00pm. Telephone: (028) 2563 5600

Health Visitor

Our health visitor shares in the regular assessment of children up to 5 years and gives advice on general health matters.
Telephone: (028) 2563 5234


In line with the Data Protection Act, the surgery has a policy to maintain the confidentiality of all their patients.

Complaints procedure

The surgery has its own complaints procedure. If you have a reason to complain please ask to speak to the complaints officer (Dr Mark Dick).